Celestial Access                                                           accessing knowledge from the heavens, heart to heart, soul to soul, revealing the creative being within

Welcome to Celestial Access!  This website is designed to nourish the soul with ethereal messages that’s aimed at raising the consciousness into the higher dimensions.  This is done through words, meditations, visualizations and thought-provoking conversations.  However, you will notice a growing theme as you peruse this site, dreams…..

Dreams, whether day or night are an important part of our reality. They are a window to our souls that allows us to take a magical carpet ride through our mind, and enter into other dimensions and other realms without ever having to leave our bedroom.   Dreams are proof that there indeed is something behind the veil.  Tapping into this reality allows you to shed misconceptions about who you are in the physical and embrace your God self in the spiritual. It’s a magnificent journey that, while taken by all, is underappreciated at best.  Celestial Access will assist you in opening your own dream portal by providing visionary tools, which are used to connect the third dimensional world to other dimensions through the realm of dreams.  After all, dreams are our own personal bloggers that constantly entices us to change the reality we are living or to enhance it in some way.  And most of us see our potential reality in our daydreams first, a God given gift that is shunned by the best of them.  But entering into this heavenly world is easy.  Just exploring the visions or thoughts that are given to you from Spirit will lead you to the doorway of all possibilities.  Many times daydreams come from exploring the possibilities of one God given thought and just allowing yourself to see where that vision will take you.  It’s truly about exploring your inner thoughts and beliefs and in turn, getting a glimpse of the life you were meant to live and the person you were meant to be.